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In today’s scenario of rising prices of gas, electricity and other energy resources it makes a perfect case to shift to green energy solutions to cut costs and bring in efficiency.

If you are planning to build a new space or have an existing building with traditional energy resources, consider investing in green technologies.

Faster transition to clean energy helps reduce energy costs to leverage growth and also create a sustainable future.

At Lavancha we provide clean energy solutions to residentials and commercial enterprises to cut energy bills and reduce carbon pollution.

I got a solar & wind turbine installed at my rooftop for domestic purpose. Lavancha was very professional in their approach. Really recommend them for all your renewable energy projects. 

Mrutyunjay Hiremath

The process we follow for your transition to clean energy :

Initial Feasibility Analysis

We do an initial consultation to understand your requirements and do a feasibility study to see what suits you best.

Order Placement and Planning

We procure the best of the green energy products from our partners to best serve your needs.

Project Installation

People from our side will be employed to do the product installation at your premises.

 Service and Support

Post the product installation we provide service support to ensure you get the best experience.


Strong Presence

We have a strong pan India presence with a proven track record of installing high quality renewable energy assets.



Hands on Experience

The team comprises of more than 20 years of experience in installing Renewable Energy Assets for maximum power generation for our clients.

Excellent Post Installation Support with AMC

Your After Sales call addressed with utmost Importance – Within 48 – 72 Hrs . Clients can also avail AMC contracts to get expert maintenance services .

Customized Solar/Hybrid solutions

We provide customised renewable energy solutions in the areas of Solar rooftop, Solar Hybrid and other renewable energy solutions.


Solar Rooftop

Brightening your day with solar.

Solar Rooftops are solar power plants installed on the rooftop to produce electricity from Sun rays.Solar Rooftops can be installed for either Residential or Commercial purposes…

Daylight Harvesting

Daylighting Solutions

Technology for Eco Light Bulb.

Daylighting enables the lighting of spaces by allowing sunlight to enter the building. By placing windows and glass panels at the right locations and combining the natural light with technology..

Solar Hybrid Wind Energy

Lavancha Hybrid Solutions

Combining the power of wind and sun.
With state-of-the-art hybrid technology that comes in the form of SolarMill that efficiently utilizes the potential of wind and sun energy in any climatic conditions, minimizing your carbon footprint..


Hybrid Power Plant Projects installation @Dharwad

Hybrid Power Plant Installation @Jal Bhavan,Bannerghatta

Hybrid Power Plant Projects in Hyderabad


A Brief Guide to choosing the right Solar Panel

The Solar PV system consists of solar panels made of solar cells which convert solar power into electric current. The electric current generated is DC(Direct current) which is converted to usable AC power by solar inverters.

A brief guide on how to choose the Best Solar inverter

A Solar inverter or PV inverter converts DC(Direct Current) output of Solar panels into usable Alternating current(AC) that can be fed to the grid or supplied to the building that can be used by the appliances.