Day 360 - GLC | Efficient Solar Lighting | Affordable Natural lighting

Day 360 – GLC


Developed specifically for Daylight Harvesting, the Day 360 GLC Lighting controller is an affordable tubular day lighting solution ideally suited for large manufacturing units, warehouses and retail units for efficient solar lighting.

In case of shortage of sunlight, the daylight sensors of the Day 360 GLC sends feedback to the lighting controller to switch to lead or electric lamps to compensate for any daylight shortage. The system is integrated with the power grid system and can handle a load of 20 amps.


  • Daylight measuring control system
  • Lighting controller that supports automatic On/Off at desired lighting intensity
  • Lighting controller to compensate for constant light
  • Load protection for over voltage / over current


The Day 360 TM GLC consists of Daylight sensor and Lighting Controller.

General Arrangement

The system consists of daylight sensors that actively measures the sunlight available at any point of time and sends the feedback to the controller. The lighting controller manages the daylight at the task level by switching on the required electric source to compensate for the reduction in daylight.

The system is commissioned to a given set point and when the daylight goes below that level led lights turn on and similarly the light turns off when the daylighting goes above the set point.

For example a system could be set for a set point of 300 lux and the controller can be used to change the set point in the increments or decrements of 100 lux. So on the higher side it could be 400 and 500 lux and on the lower side it could be 200 and 100 lux.


The lighting controller can control 20 amps circuits of lighting load. For higher load an electrical contactor to be used as shown below in Diagram

Manual Over ride

The lighting controller can be over ride by a master control switch as shown in diagram