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Day 360 – IDS


Why Day360 – IDS?

Day 360 IDS is an integrated day lighting solution that uses energy efficient tubular daylighting technologies along with day lighting controls to provide uninterrupted light for a given space.

The major components of the system include:

  • Day lighting system –

(a) Sunlight collector (b) light well (c) light diffuser

  • Lighting control system-

(a) Daylight sensor (b) Lighting controller (c) Central Control Panel

  • Electrical lighting fixtures

How It Works


  •  Day lighting System(Sun Pipe)

                   A). Sunlight collector B). Light Well C). Light Diffuser

  • Lighting control system

                  A). Daylight Sensor B). Lighting controller C). Central control panel

  • Electrical lighting fixtures


  • There is the Light Collector on the rooftop which is a Polycarbonate dome consisting of two deflection panels sloping against each other. It is arranged so as to collect maximum sunlight during morning and evening times avoiding heat. The silver metal oxide used to coat the inside of the pipe reflects and re-reflects the light, till the light travels down the pipe into the light well below constructed from highly reflective surfaces and light finally hits the Light Diffuser.
  • The light diffuser spreads the daylight evenly into the work space to control the brightness without any glare or heat. The Day 360 IDS works with daylight sensors measuring the ambient sunlight directly above the roof and giving feedback to the lighting controller that switches on required number of T5 or LED electric lamps to compensate for the reduction of daylight at task level.
  • So despite the changes in weather conditions with varying sunlight, the light for the space remains constant. There is a central control panel that measures the energy consumption in real time conditions to gauge the energy efficiency of the system. It also has the ability to monitor failures and manually override systems.


  • Help build productive spaces with natural daylight settings
  • Enable automation of lighting controls for constant light supply into indoor spaces
  • Heat generation is significantly reduced
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Significant energy savings with reduced carbon footprint


  • A visual monitoring unit enables to adjust the set point
  • Automated control system maintains the Desired set point
  • Monitoring unit- displays system failure, Energy savings, load cutoff, under voltage, over current..
  • Automated functioning can be manually overridden


  • Manufacturing units
  • Warehouses
  • Large Retail Stores and Offices etc.

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