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Daylight Harvesting

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Solar Daylighting refers to the thought of virtually transporting the sunlight into the four-walled buildings. These are possible with the engineering ingenuity of using advanced light trapping and enhancement systems.

Daylight Harvesting has become a buzzword in the energy efficiency world. In simple terms it means to manage the interior lighting of the buildings using natural sunlight supplemented with artificial lighting which can be automated based on the light conditions.

This kind of a system can be used in Industry / Manufacturing Units, Warehouses, Offices, Retail stores, Car Showrooms or any other workplace  and even in households.

It is a very cost-effective, energy efficient way to bring benefits of natural light into any commercial establishment or any residential premises and drastically reduce the need to consume electricity generated by the main grid for lighting purposes.

At a time of escalating costs of lighting buildings, affordable natural lighting could provide much relief to a country like India by providing daylight in an unbelievably economical way.

Daylighting Systems

The 2 types of systems used in  Solar daylighting are

  • Active Daylighting
  • Passive Daylighting

Active Daylighting – In this system mechanical devices are used that actively capture the sunlight  by tracking the sunlight and use it for distribution to building indoors or used for other purposes.

Passive Daylighting – In this systems common fenestration like windows, shades, floors, wall, floors and others equipment’s used to capture and distribute Sunlight into the interiors of the building. In this systems the equipment’s used are stationary and do not track the sun.

The two most commonly used Daylighting techniques are:

  • Skylights
  • Tubular daylighting

Each of the systems have their own pros and cons.


Skylights are special types of openings on the ceilings of the buildings covered with transparent or translucent materials to allow control the daylight entering the building.

There are different kinds of skylights based on the type of use, material and roof type.

The typical ones which we find are:

  • Fixed Skylights – these are encased window casings that are fixed to the roofs to let natural light in. It doesn’t allow ventilation.
  • Operable skylights – These are encased windows on the roofs that can be opened or closed to control the light  and ventilation for the indoors.

Tubular daylighting

Tubular Daylighting uses tubes to pipe in natural light from rooftops. These tubes reflect sunlight along the tubes to provide diffused light for the interior of the buildings.

How Tubular daylighting works?

The major components of the system include:
  • Day lighting system – (a) Sunlight collector (b) light well (c) light diffuser
  • Lighting control system- (a) Daylight sensor (b) Lighting controller (c) Central Control Panel
  • Electrical lighting fixtures

There is the Light Collector on the rooftop which is a Polycarbonate dome consisting of two deflection panels sloping against each other. It is arranged to collect maximum sunlight during morning and evening times avoiding heat. The silver metal oxide used to coat the inside of the pipe reflects and re-reflects the light, till the light travels down the pipe and hits the Light Diffuser which controls the brightness based on the lighting requirement.

The daylight harvesting system provides daylight sensors measuring the ambient sunlight directly above the roof and giving feedback to the lighting controller that switches on required number of T5 or LED electric lamps to compensate for the reduction of daylight at task level.The central control panel measures the energy consumption in real time conditions to gauge the energy efficiency of the system.

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Benefits of Daylight Devices :

  1. Since this product does not use electricity from the main grid which is generated mostly through fossil fuels at a considerable cost, Daylighting devices contribute positively to the economy and to the promotion of a greener environment.
  2. In commercial buildings, electric lighting account for 35 – 50% of total electrical energy consumption. As proven elsewhere in the world, these devices help to cut down costs in manufacturing plants, commercial establishments, warehouses, sports complexes and other buildings occupying large floor areas which consume much electricity to light up their vast interior spaces. This plays an important role in net zero energy buildings
  3. Using daylight in your building is a key strategy for passive design
  4. Non-consumption of electricity by using tubular daylighting devices, enable substantial savings to be made in the costs of products that are manufactured in India and make them competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.
  5. Because Day lighting Devices do not add to the heat gain in the building, there are considerable savings in electricity cost towards Air-conditioning. In some cases this saving is up to 10-12%.
  6. Humans have biologically evolved according to daylight cycles, with human body functions affected by patterns of light & dark. Studies show that productivity is enhanced and workers feel happier and less fatigued while working in natural daylight.It also lowers risks of accidents and errors.
  7. Daylight provides high illuminance and permits excellent colour discrimination and colour rendering.
  8. Good sunlight is the major source of vital Vitamins. People working for long hours in closed environments suffer from lack of these Vitamins. Use of Solar Skylight Day lighting Devices to bring natural light into such places will be beneficial to health and well being of the occupants.
  9. Studies show that patients are apt to recover faster and to better handle the stress of being ill in environments with plenty of natural light.

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