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Solar Tubes


The Lightpipe is a Tubular daylighting system that consists of a steel tube with an opening at the roof that collects sunlight and transfers it to the interiors of the building. As sunlight passes through the tubes they are reflected along the mirrored surfaces of the tube to reach the other end and emit natural diffused light.

The system constitutes of the following components:

  1. Sun Light Collection System
  2. Light Transfer System
  3. Light Diffuser
  4. Wall Flashing Plate
  5. Fixing Accessories

Our Energy efficient Daylighting systems enable easy installation with no major structural changes needed. The system is enabled to work with all kinds of roof types with minimal leaks ensuring substantially reduced maintenance costs.

Sun Light Collection System

The Light Collection System has two components.

Sun Light Collector Cover:

The collector is a transparent clear cover that is used to collect sunlight from clear sky.

The shape of the collector is cuboid and is molded so that it is square in section. The collector is made of polycarbonate material with 3mm thickness and extended with UV coating for nonyellowing.

Light Deflection System:

Light deflection panels are provided on all 3 sides of the light collector system with an aluminum collector at the bottom to collect the secondary radiation.

Light Transfer System

  • Rectangular in section of size 600 x 400mm or 600 x 300 or 400 x 300 mm.
  • Material thickness: Not less than 0.3 mm.
  • Material-Aluminum reflector cladded with 0.3 mm thick GI.
  • Reflectively: Not less than 95%.
  • Diffuser: Polycarbonate.
  • Protection film: PE foil not UV resistant.
  • Thickness: 2mm.
  • Wall flashing plate: GI, 0.6 mm thick.
  • Diameter: 750 mm, 530 mm, 400 mm
  • Shape: Cylindrical Shape
  • Total Reflectively: Not Less than 95%.


The diffuser is molded in a dome shape, made of polycarbonate material with 2mm thickness with Light Transmission not less than 80%.

Roof Flashing Plate:

The ROOF FLASHING PLATE is high raised and is made of 0.6mm GI sheet and is powder coated on all sides. On clear sky conditions of 1,00,000 LUX,  the Lumen output is 2300 lumens. And the product comes with a 5 year warranty.

Benefits of Solar Light pipe

  • Maintenance free product designed for 25+years
  • Save on lighting bills from sunrise to sunset
  • Uniform Diffused Lighting across the floor area
  • Reject Heat up to 95% &UV Radiation
  • Daylighting integration with electrical lights
  • Co2 Emission Reduction
  • Much more energy efficient than skylights
  • Better insulated than skylights or windows
  • Can bring light to interior rooms that do not have outside wall.
  • More secure than standard windows.
  • Can be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms and indoor pool because they don’t draw on any electricity.
  • Much less expensive than skylights

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