Sustainable energy : The pillars creating the future of Energy

What the Future of Energy looks like

What the Future of Energy looks like

With the global population to reach nearly 9 billion by 2035 and more than 1.5 billion people needing energy, global energy demand is expected to rise by 35% by 2035. How can this rising energy demand be catered sustainably? This is a pertinent question facing governments’ all over the world and all of us.

Answering this question is at the heart of the book by Jeremy Rifkin “ The Third Industrial Revolution ”. He talks about Energy Internet where the convergence of Internet and Renewable Technologies is about to bring a paradigm shift in the way Energy is produced, distributed and consumed.  

According to Jeremy Rifkin, economic revolutions arise with new communications technology converging with new energy systems. He looks at how the First Industrial revolution was driven by coal and steam with the rise of printing press followed by an era powered by centralized electricity and the rise of TV and Radio.  He sees another shift happening with the convergence of new Internet technologies (Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence…) and Renewable technologies leading rise to the Third Industrial revolution.

He talks of the Five pillars that would lead the Third Industrial Revolution.

Pillar 1: Extensive use of Renewable Energy

Pillar 2: Transforming Buildings to Power plants to collect Renewable energies

Pillar 3: Development of Hydrogen Storage and other storage technologies to store intermittent energies

Pillar 4: Create an Inter-grid (Smart Grid) to distribute stored energy across decentralized energy systems much like Internet today.

Pillar 5: Plug-in to buildings to power up vehicles using the smart, interactive grids or sell electricity back to the grid.

This new paradigm can entirely transform the world to create highly interactive, integrated and seamless energy systems. We are already seeing changes happening in these areas in various parts of the world.

Countries across the world are collaborating to create smart grids and bring forth the Third Energy revolution as discussed earlier. This is good news. This forges sustainable energy production for billions of people living on the planet and promotes a greener planet.

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