Make a profitable shift with Sustainable Renewable Energy

Rethinking Our Energy Systems: Make a profitable shift with Sustainable Renewable Energy

Rethinking Our Energy Systems: Make a profitable shift with Sustainable Renewable Energy

Green Energy which is abundantly available for free clearly makes the case for a shift from the use of traditional energy resources to greener renewable resources for higher energy efficiency. This is not only a great initiative as sustainable business practice but also makes sense from the view of an improved bottom line of a company.

The shift to green energy impacts 3 critical areas:

    • Environmental
    • Economic and
    • Social areas

Environmentally, it helps reduce the carbon footprint bringing a welcome change for improving the environment and impacting the humanity on the whole. Economically it brings down the costs associated with the fossil fuels impacting the bottom line of the companies and also helps build a better brand image of the company. Investing in renewables helps create more jobs improving the social and economic situation of the country on the whole.

Businesses need to look at business model innovations to find new ways of creating, delivering, and capturing value from renewable energy technologies. To start with companies can do an energy audit to check the current energy usage and find out ways of reducing energy consumption. One of the easiest ways to gain energy efficiency is through efficient lighting solutions- using CFL or LED bulbs or tubes, natural lighting, adding insulation for buildings to prevent energy loss and to look at other innovative ways for energy savings and efficiency.

Energy efficiency projects can vary in terms of complexity and investment based on simple changes in energy usage policies or be investing in large-scale renewable energy deployments. Most investments yield great returns with relatively short payback periods. A great case study is AT&T which is saving millions of dollars in energy costs since 2010.

We at Lavancha bring in significant energy savings and efficiency through our daylighting solutions and hybrid energy solutions. Daylighting solutions capture daylight and are distributed to indoor spaces for lighting. This significantly reduces costs associated with electricity. Hybrid energy solutions use Solar and wind energy to bring in sufficient energy supply to power industries and houses.

Our daylighting products include Ventilight, Skyshelves, Light pipe, Norikool Skylights and others. Our Hybrid Energy systems include SolarMill, PowerMill, MobileSolar and TowerMill.

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