Solar water pump for irrigation  | Submersible and Surface water pumps

Solar Water Pump

Large parts of rural India face power shortages and face problems in irrigating their crops. Farmers are forced to use diesel pumps with suboptimal results. Solar Water pumps offer a great green energy alternative to this problem.

Solar Water Pumps use Solar Energy to pump water from nearby water resources like rivers, ponds and others. The system consists of Solar panels, an ac pump and the pump controller.

The power to operate the pump is provided by high efficient Solar Panels that are mounted on a rugged structure.

The panels convert sunlight to Direct Current(DC) that is provided to the controller. The controller converts Direct Current(DC) to Alternating Current(AC) usable power. The Alternating Current(AC) is used by the water pump to pump water from the nearby water bodies.

The system is enabled to work with varying solar insolation levels, and provide water throughout the day and through different seasons. It uses MPPT technology to maximize the harvested energy from the Solar PV modules.


You can avail either the surface or submersible solar pump(works underwater) to pump water from available water resources.

Advantages of using Solar Water Pumps

  • Opportunity to maximize land utilization for cultivation
  • Increase yields by switching to precise daytime irrigation
  • Grow high value cash crops
  • Achieve payback in less than 48 months
  • Clean and efficient
  • Electricity is not required
  • No fuel cost
  • Low labour and maintenance cost
  • Highly reliable
  • Durable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Long operating life
  • Easy to remve, transport and store
  • Non Polluting
  • No need of Complicated wiring
  • Simple to install

Product Features

  • High efficiency Solar PV Modules
  • 3000Wp with 280Wp/285 Wp/300Wp modules  
  • DC Power Manager
  • Module Level MPPT and Power optimization
  • High efficiency MPPT algorithm to enhance extracted DC Power
  • Intelligent pump controller
  • DC-AC Conversion to run 3-Phase AC pump
  • Variable speed drive to match speed of pump to available power
  • Dynamic pump control to match required power to input power/insolation
  • Built-in MPPT to optimize extracted power from modules
  • Pump protection features
  • Soft start
  • Sensor-less dry run protection
  • Auto-start and stop based on available solar power
  • 8 Segment LED for fault and status display
  • High efficiency 3-phase AC pump
Module72 Cell, Multi crystalline
Rated Power(Wp)265-300
Efficiency (%) 13.7 -14.0
CertificationIEC (International Electro

technical Commission )

Operational Life 25 years
Tolerance (%)                    ± 3


Component DCPM
DescriptionDC-DC Converter/ Power Manager
Efficiency                            99%
BenefitExtract Maximum Power

Minimize Soiling & Shading Loss

Regulate Module Voltage


Component                         AquaSol Controller
Description AC Pump Controller
BenefitConvert DC to AC   

Intelligent Control of Pump

Match speed to available power

Grid Mode Switch

Minimize Induction Losses


Component                         High Efficiency  AC Pump
Description 3Phase, 415V
Benefit Solar & Grid operation

Low O&M , Replacement  Cost

AC lends to easy serviceability –

Your round-the-corner electrician

can fix most issues

Product Range and selection

Pump ModelPump sizeHead range(meters)Installation area(sq meters)
SE72007.5 HP10-10051