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MobileMill Solar

MobileMill Solar, a mobile product is changing the face of emergency response industry. It is designed to help people in the front line of disaster relief where no power facility leads to low response times affecting people’s lives.

The whole unit is a large trailer with the energy unit which is a scaled down version of the MobileMill Solar, a hybrid energy model which uses wind and solar energy. The units generating the energy are situated on top of the vehicle and can be deployed in 60 seconds.

The MobileMill Solar is available in various configurations, with generation capability between 3 kW and 8 kW. It can store energy and provide 24- hour uninterrupted power supply.

Mobile Solar Specifications:

HeightDeployed 16’6”, Stowed 12’6”
CertifiedUSDOT Specifications
Wind Collection System1.5 KW
PV Control LowerIndependent MPPT to Bat
Energy Storage18kwh, T-Gel 6000 Cycle
Electrical Output240V/120VAC 60hz, 12 VDC
Priority Bias in OperationBattery to System
Charge Control DeployedDictated by source
Charge Control StoredGrid
Backup w/o Grid3000 Gas Generator
WidthDeployed 180”, Stowed 96”
Weight6800 lbs. with trailer
ConstructionAluminum and Stainless
Solar Collection System2.34 KW
PV Control UpperString to PVI
Electrical Availability90 outlets and USB
Priority Bias in StandbyGrid to System
Charge Control During TravelPV
Deployment time60 sec