PowerMill | Hybrid solar wind power generator | Lavancha




The PowerMill is engineered to meet the needs of large scale deployments and is a convenient turnkey solution which generates great ROI in a short time period using hybrid renewable energy.

The system consists of the wind turbine system integrated with the solar PV system. It’s a hybrid system which uses the vertical axis wind turbine systems to harness lower wind speeds and the photovoltaic technology to use solar energy to provide high KW energy.

The PowerMill is built on the Company’s core, patented, hybrid technology utilizing wind turbines and solar panels in a compact platform. The PowerMill can deliver consistent renewable energy 24/7/365. Designed as a utility scale product, the PowerMill has been engineered to meet the needs of large deployments from urban grid-tied installations to remote, rural micro-grids. The PowerMill is a flexible technology for all types of larger – scale generation needs (10KW to MegaWatt scale).

Some of the key features of the PowerMill are:
  • Small footprint with very high power generation
  • Scalable Electrically and mechanically
  • PV system is optimized for location
  • Flexible orientation to maximize solar and wind resources
PowerMill Advantages
  • Maximizes power generation in a small footprint: 1MW requires 3 acres of land vs a regular solar farm which requires 5 acres
  •  Electrically and mechanically scalable
  • On-grid or Off-grid hookup
  • Flexible orientation
  •  Highly efficient, low cost technology designed to “work anywhere” mitigating the need for long-term site  evaluations
  •  Security hardware installed to prevent theft


System Specifications per Section
Wind Component24 mills
Solar Component 60-72 cells108 panels
Total Weight4971.37 kg
Installation EquipmentCrane, Bucket Truck, Back Hoe
Inversion240-280V inverters