TowerMill | Wind Solar Hybrid for Telecom | Lavancha


TowerMill is a scaled down version of the SolarMill product used to power the communication towers with the natural hybrid Power sources. The TowerMill is suitable for off-grid telecommunication towers that are typically powered by diesel generators.

This product is a great alternative where high energy costs is a significant challenge faced by telecom tower owners. It helps the tower owners or operators to significantly reduce the operating expenses involved in the service and maintenance of diesel generators by leveraging natural renewable resources for high energy efficiency.

The TowerMill comes with integrated Photovoltaic panel along with the wind turbine system that goes alongside the communication tower to power the telecommunication for full functionality of the tower. The system comes along with a fail-safe fuel based generator if the battery bank powered by the natural resources cannot provide the energy to power the tower .


Some of the Key Features of TowerMill are:
  • Solar and Wind Turbines on ground mounted platform
  •  Installed 10-15m above site equipment – no operational interference
  •  Silent operation
  •  Fast Installation
  •  Scalable
  •  Reduces running costs