5 Amazing tips To get the most Out Of Solar Wind Hybrid

5 Amazing tips To Get the most Out Of Solar Wind Hybrid

5 Amazing tips To Get the most Out Of Solar Wind Hybrid

The demand for energy is increasing day by day worldwide and this burgeoning demand cannot be met by nonrenewable energy resources alone. Renewable energy systems like Solar PV systems are better alternative energy solutions with reduced carbon footprint and improved energy efficiency. But relying on a single renewable energy source can be unreliable due to weather and climate changes over the period of time.

One of the solutions to this problem is Hybrid Energy Systems. We at Lavancha provide highly efficient, low-cost, renewable energy hybrid devices that use a combination of  Wind and Solar technologies.

The integration of Solar and wind energy in the system helps to accommodate the weather fluctuations and climatic changes over the course of the year, thus providing reliable power.

Below is a video explaining how the portable hybrid solar wind power generator works:

When purchasing a Solar Wind Hybrid systems there are a few important factors to consider. Below is a list of  5 important things to consider when purchasing the Solar-Wind energy system.

  • Look at the current energy use and ways to improve efficiency before installation: Get an energy audit done by considering the current energy requirements for the building and check for ways to reduce energy expenditure. Consider fixing some of the basic energy leaks by adding insulation and air seals to improve energy efficiency and reduce the total amount of energy to consume overall. Also calculate the energy needs going forward to help size the system.
  • Do proper research to identify the best players in the area of hybrid energy systems to provide you the best of the products in terms of quality, efficiency etc
  • Check out the site property and hybrid system – Explore the type of hybrid system to use based on the energy requirements and a property audit. When getting a hybrid energy system that involves solar and wind have an engineer do a thorough study of the property to consider factors like:
    • Sun Exposure – Knowing the solar movements round the clock and around the year for proper lighting for the system.
    • Prevailing wind direction – This is to understand in what direction the storing winds blow to enable the system to perform at its optimum best.
    • Aerodynamics – Consider the effect of wind direction on wind flow around the building which affects the way the system is positioned.
    • Architecture – Siting of the equipment should be done so that it is away from all the obstructions which can block the flow of the wind. Place it on a location taller than the surrounding buildings and obstructions.
    • Space availability for hybrid energy system
    • Check the requirements involved for on-grid(Connected to the power grid) or off-grid systems(disconnected from power grid- powered with battery backup).
  • Check out the costs involved in setting up the system:
    • System costs – based on the power output factors.
    • Installation costs
    • Battery costs – for power storage
    • Service and Maintenance costs
  • Consider the different financing options along with ROI with the hybrid energy product to be purchased.

Hybrid energy is starting to get a lot of interest from major renewable players and consumers with the thrust from the government. Carefully consider the above factors to get the most out of hybrid energy systems to ensure the deployments of the hybrid energy systems are successful.

We at Lavancha enable businesses and homeowners bring in significant results through energy savings and energy efficiency through our hybrid energy solutions. Our Hybrid energy solutions can work for both On-grid and Off-grid solutions.

All our products can easily be installed and come with the greatest energy density compared to other products in the market and customized to suit your needs. Contact us to help you with your energy needs.

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