A Case for Hybrid Energy Systems in India

A Case for Hybrid Energy Systems in India

India is seeing a rapid economic growth and there is a huge demand for improving the infrastructure at a quick pace to meet the rise in the economic status of India. India’s power demand is likely to cross 300GW in the next 10 years. And the capacity addition has to increase 5 fold to tenfold to meet those demands. India which has traditionally depended on the fossil fuels for its energy needs to look for alternative sources of energy with depleting fossil fuels over the years and the increasing energy demand every day.

Traditional nonfossil fuels are slowly being reduced for energy production with India pledging that nonfossil fuels would account for only 40% of the energy generation capacity by 2030 in the recent Paris Agreement. The Government has taken suitable steps to push the agenda on Renewable energy sources like Solar and Wind to meet the energy demands of the country and reduce carbon emissions. In 2015 GOI upped the 2022 target to 175gw of renewable energy (RE) capacity, including wind and biomass.

While traditional green energy solutions focus on a single form of energy like solar or wind, it works only when the resource can be exclusively harnessed. In order to provide consistent and stable energy, we at Lavancha believe in the usage of hybrid energy systems that uses a combination of energy sources like the Solar Mill for the consistent supply of energy.

Solar Mill is a hybrid energy solution of harnessing both the sunlight on-site and wind energy available from low altitudes in urban and rural environments. It is designed and optimized for both on and off- grid applications. The system integrates solar and the wind energy systems to capture complementary solar and wind resources.

Advantages of using Wind and Solar Hybrid systems

By integrating Wind and Solar technologies in a single equipment, we accommodate the fluctuations of weather over the day and over the course of the year as well. With the complementary nature of the renewable energy sources, this system works well with the highs and lows of solar and wind energy as they fluctuate over the day and year.

In Winter when the sunlight is less, the wind energy system can work at peak force and in summer the solar energy component can work at peak force to ensure there is consistent energy generation in spite of fluctuations in the seasonality. Also on a typical day, there are variations that affect the system with increased wind during night times and sunlight during daytimes and occasionally the wind could be consistently heavy in certain parts of the world. The system accommodates all the fluctuations to provide consistent energy.

Thus by integrating the two renewable energy resources the overall system becomes more reliable and economical to run and has a bigger impact on the stand-alone generation. Do consider the important factors before installing the Solar Wind Hybrid system for your building to ensure optimum power output from the system.

Solar Mill

The Solar energy system consists of the solar panel and the wind energy system consists of 3 vertical axis wind turbine systems that are mounted on a single base that can be interconnected to improve the energy production and works in low and turbulent wind environments.

The Solar Mill comes with On-Grid and Off-grid options:

  • On-grid- In this case, the bank of batteries is connected to a Grid tie inverter which connects to the grid. The inverter pushes power back to the grid as the battery is fully charged.
  • Off-Grid- In this case, the bank of batteries is connected to a Non-Grid tie inverter which powers the AC devices. A voltage converter could also be used to power DC powered devices.

Below is a video explaining how the portable hybrid solar wind power generator works:


We saw how a country like India can benefit from using Solar wind power hybrid system that uses both Solar and wind energy to provide maximum power output in spite of fluctuations in Solar and wind exposure.

We at Lavancha enable businesses and homeowners bring in significant results through energy savings and energy efficiency through our hybrid energy solutions.

All our products can easily be installed and come with the greatest energy density compared to other products in the market and customized to suit your needs. Contact us to help you with your energy needs.


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