Ventilight : Light Tunnels with Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator




Industries are looking for sustainable green energy sources and our product Ventilightis a great environment friendly option that provides integrated daylighting and ventilation solutions for indoor spaces.

Ventilight is an innovative green technology product that combines LightPipe and WindTurbo ventilator providing daylight to indoor spaces with air ventilation. When this is combined with Day360 GLC light controller, it can automatically control the light availability based on the daylight availability and improve energy savings by 25-30%.

In huge Cafeterias ,Warehouses , industries, lighting air ventilation are important. The current practice of Daylighting Systems air Ventilation Systems being installed separately on roof is a problem to customer in following ways:-

  1. Increase of chances of roof leakage as multiple openings are made.
  2. Coordination of multiple vendors.
  3. Higher cost of procurement of multiple items.
  4. Accountability responsibility divided among vendors.
  5. Unreliable, inflammable, low life FRP roof base of turbo ventilators.
  6. The product Ventilight addresses all the above issues by combining the patented
  7. Daylighting systems with wind turbo ventilators on a single Galvalume metal kerb. Theexpertise of our installation procedures on roof comes in useful for faster leakproof installation with metal kerb.The roof material Galvalume sheet is used for making factory made roof kerb for Ventilight. Galvalume sheet is corrosion resistant and long life product and very safe as compared to hand molded FRP[Fiber Reinforced Plastic]. The wind turbo ventilators can be installed standalone or combined with Norikool or Lightpipe.



The wind assisted ventilator, installed on the rooftops provides ventilation needed for the indoor spaces. Wind energy is used to turn the turbo ventilator which in turn sucks the fumes and gases from the indoor spaces. These wind driven ventilators while sucking the air draw the air upwards creating convection current to extract stale and hot air in the process.


The transparent dome of the light pipe collects sunlight and sends it to the light diffuser along the pipe using the reflective system with minimal loss. The diffuser distributes the light evenly in the indoor spaces.


  • The wind driven turbo ventilators comes with 5 years warranty.
  • It is been used all the world because of thier low capital cost, adaptability and high capacity per vent and overall reliability.
  • They are made of aluminum or stainless steel with high capacity per vent and are designed to withstand a wind velocity of up to 100mph.
  • They provide great overall reliability and adaptability and with a low capital cost making it very affordable.
  • The Ventilight is available in 450mm, 600mm and 900mm sizes of Turbo ventilator with Lightpipe diameters of 750mm, 530mm, 400mm, and 300mm.


Since Ventilight is light weight it is flexible and adaptable to all kinds of roofs without much structural changes.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated system with natural daylight + Air Ventilator
  • Roof type: Metal roof/ rcc roof /Asbestos roof buildings
  • Reduction in electricity consumption
  • Eco friendly
  • Very low operating cost
  • Maintenance free
  • Exclusively designed for Industries/Warehouses/Commercial Spaces
  • 5 years warranty
  • Saves Electricity
  • Exposure to natural daylight beneficial to the overall well-being
  • Improved productivity due to natural light conditions
  • Reduced heat generation
  • Useful in various spaces Industries/Warehouses/Manufacturing Units/Commercial Buildings/Shopping Malls/Schools/Colleges/Kalyan Mantapa/ Government Buildings/PEB Roof Industries/ Hyper Retail Stores

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